11 Best Networking Tips for Insurance Agents that Help

Networking Agents

The least likeable people around! Yes, people literally hate these agents and try to keep as much distance as possible. What do you feel about this? Have you ever thought of networking?

Well, the remarks by people and the image of most networking agents around must have discouraged you from doing so. However, did you know it is the backbone of your insurance selling career? Yes, the more people you know the more insurance you sell! And networking events certainly make for one of the best mediums to meet people.

Now, the question is how to network without being hated? Is it possible to go smooth? How to make the most of this necessary evil?

Here are some of the best networking tips for insurance agents:

1. Work as a Connector

Yes, being the one introducing two others will help you assume a position of power within a group of three. With the passage of time, connecting more number of individuals will help you climb up the power pyramid within your local community.

2. Early Bird Gets the Worm

It is important to show up in the events as early as possible. Although you may be tempted to show up late (for obvious reasons), it will make you miss a key opportunity of meeting the event organizers. These individuals hold significant “connection power”. When you are the first one to show up, it is easier to know them, break the ice with them, compliment the entire setup, and a lot more.

3. NO Insurance!!

Talking about insurance can be very boring. However, most business networking events are attended by insurance agents. Make sure you push off the topic for some other time or a different event even if the other person seems interested. That way, you won’t appear as a pushy salesman and you will definitely be in a better situation to sell.

4. Discover More Events

This will help you a lot. As a dedicated insurance seller, you need to think outside the box. Start by enquiring around. Do a lot of online browsing and check out some of the local event sites.

5. Let your Staff Handle it All

Networking doesn’t mean you need to make all of the efforts. Let your staff handle some of the things. Assign them some goals to handle and inspire them to achieve these goals.

6. The Cards

Try to make an impact with your business cards. You need to have cards that people remember you with for a long time. The idea is to surprise them with a unique card that stands out. You may add an inspirational quote, add a picture of yours in it, or place a funny sticker, stamp, or image on the back.

7. Keep a Networking Journal

Networking should be assessed and improved constantly through regular research, study, and experience. It helps to keep a journal of all of the networking experiences. This helps with identifying new connections to target. Always find opportunities to enhance your networking skills.

8. Being Memorable

You are successful when people remember you. So try to be unique and make dedicated efforts in stand out.

9. Create Networking Goals

Only proper goals will help you improve results. So make a measurable goal for networking such as creating new business cards, making LinkedIn Connections, focusing on follow-up emails to contacts etc.

10. Follow Up

Following up on LinkedIn is the best way to create stronger relationships with people you meet at various networking events. It helps you create a professional goal. Also follow upon email, Twitter, Facebook and emails. Also call up your clients to follow up.

11. Remember Names

It is good to remember names of your clients and prospective clients and use them as often as possible. People like hearing their name. They will like you for remembering your name.

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