6 Ways to Sleep More and Save Money on Term Life Insurance Policy

Medical experts have always mentioned that lack of sleep is detrimental for health. Studies and research have also revealed that sleep deprivation is associated to higher risk developing diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and various other chronic mental and physical conditions.

Many sleep experts recommend around 7-9 hours of shuteye every night. However, according to a recent study, it is revealed that around 35 per cent of respondents fail to meet the minimum recommended 7 hours of sleep. This study was conducted by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The report warns against the devastating dangers of not having enough sleep at night. Additionally, there are immediate, daily hazards of inadequate sleep. Some of these include cognitive impairment combined with an augmented probability of accidents.

Having adequate sleep every night will significantly improve physical and mental wellness. Hence, it is crucial to make it a top priority.

When it comes to life insurance companies, they have made it a top priority to determine eligibility for term life insurance. Additionally, they also decide on rates for a policy accordingly. Good sleep pattern is considered one of the top criteria for term policy discounts. So make it a priority to sleep a little more and improve health and keep term life insurance costs down.

In case, you are facing problems with sleeping well at night, try out the tips mentioned below for calming your body and mind with sound sleep daily:

1. No Caffeine

Strictly avoid taking caffeine a few hours prior to bed time. Caffeine is bad for sleep and can disturb the natural pattern in the long term.

2. Relax before Sleep

If you have problems sleeping at night, focus on making some preparations. Have a hot water bath. It really helps to add some drops of lavender oil in it. Remove all disturbances from your bedroom. Create a perfect sleep environment in your bedroom.

3. Set Your Alarm

Discipline will help you sleep better at night. So maintain it to get yourself on schedule and enjoy a good night’s sleep. You will need it both at front and back end. So, start with setting two alarms. One should be for going to bed at a specific time in the evening and the other should be for getting out of bed in the morning. Maintaining a regular schedule will help you maintain a regular sleep schedule.

4. Get Close to Mother Nature

Hectic lifestyle, unnatural light, gadgets, tough targets and mobile phones can play havoc on sleep cycle of the body. So it is important to try and get closer to Mother Nature as far as possible. Start with walking in lush parks or planting small plants at home. This will help closer to nature and soothe your mind. It is very helpful in improving your normalizing your natural sleep pattern.

5. Bedroom Lights

Make sure you block out all natural and artificial light in bedroom. This helps your body settle into normal sleep pattern. Additionally, you can use light to help get out of sleep at a specific time in the morning. Wake up lights are easily available in the market from reputed brands. Many of these are equipped with amazing features such as sunrise simulation to wake you up slowly with natural light. Some are even available with soothing wake-up sounds for extra prod on cold winter mornings.

6. No Screens

It is important to keep all kinds of screens from your bedroom. This means you need to stay away from all of them including computer, television, tablets, smartphones and the like. All of these screens emit blue light which can interfere with melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone. This blue light also interferes with crucial circadian rhythms of body. Research and studies have revealed that people using screens emitting blue light prior to their bedtime may experience worse sleep patterns as compared to those who stay away from it. To get more sleep, you need to make some simple changes in your life. The process may sound very tough. However, as soon as the new habits get ingrained you will feel healthier and better. The best part is that it will help you save some serious bucks on term life insurance policy.

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