How Investing in a Two-Wheeler Policy will Help?

Bikers and teenagers love their two wheelers. For some, it is the first ever vehicle they get to ride while for others, it is a dream come true! After all, what could be better than one’s own set of wheels to zip and zoom through the roads? Apart from being an efficient option to navigate through congested Indian roads, it is also a highly affordable commutation option for most people. The best part is that with a little help from financial institutions/banks or little savings as down payment, one can own a two-wheeler easily. The vehicle is very convenient to store, ride on, and is low maintenance.

With respect to sales and production, India is ranked as the largest Two Wheeler Industry across the globe. The market for Indian two-wheeler has been witnessing consistent growth since the year 2006. Now this also indicates that there are many two wheelers running on the roads. Now this is great news but the risk is equal. This is also the reason two wheeler owners need an insurance policy specifically catering to the category of vehicle to protect themselves and their valuable vehicles on the road.

What’s Included?

For a two wheeler, an insurance policy is worthwhile investment. It is also mandatory as per the Indian Law. A wide variety of expenses is covered by the Motor Vehicle Act in the country that one must bear in the event of a two wheeler accident. It will also cover the vehicle owner for his/her two-wheeler in the event of unfortunate occurrences such as fire, theft, natural disasters, or malicious act. Additionally, there is cover for personal accident and third party (legal liability towards third party personal injury and property damage that may arise out of the accident).

By investing in a two wheeler insurance policy, one can avail compensations for the following listed below:

– Natural calamity
– Accident
– Fire
– Explosion
– Self-ignition
– Lightning
– Earthquake
– Flood
– Typhoon
– Hurricane
– Storm
– Tempest
– Inundation
– Cyclone
– Hailstorm
– Frost
– Landslide
– Rockslide

A good two wheeler insurance policy is capable for compensating the owner for the loss against accidents and thefts. These incidents may occur anytime without any prior warning. Considering the benefits offered by insurance company, one must invest in one for his or her two wheeler bike or scooter.


The overall cost of the two wheeler insurance policy in India is very nominal. You may further bring it down by opting for installing special anti-theft devices such as siren and tracker on your bike or scooter.

What’s Excluded?

So what is not included in the basic two wheeler insurance cover? Certain things such as the following are not covered:

– Loss of accessories
– Personal accident cover for the pillion riders
– Legal liability to paid driver
– Regular wear and tear
– Damage due to negligent driver
– Damage due to driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs
– Normal detritions and maintenance
– Change of plug or oil filter

For any additional cover, you simply require paying a little extra for a comprehensive cover to include many more expenses that one will be likely to face within the duration of his/her two wheeler’s possession.

Claims Process

In case, you have bought the two wheeler insurance from a reputable company, the claim process will be smoother, hassle free and take less possible time. The overall process is not very complicated. All you need to do is take the scooter or bike after the accident to the preferred authorized mechanic. Based on the estimate of mechanic, the insurance company will compensate you.

In case of incidents like robbery or theft, the owner must produce a valid police report to the insurance company to start the processing of claim. Once it is confirmed that there is no fraudulent activity involved, the owner can get a claim cheque. The insurance policy continues after the accident. However, some companies might charge more for renewal considering the added risk of accident with owner.

A Note: Bicycles are also included under the category of two wheelers. However, these are presently not covered by the two wheeler insurance plans in India. Hopefully, in future these companies might come up with something.

At present, third party insurance for two wheelers is mandatory in India.

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