Icici Lombard- Study Abroad Stress-free

  • February 27, 2013

Has your child completed his school education? And your child is pursuing his higher studies somewhere at a long distance from you or maybe even abroad. Are you worried about his safety, health, and some adversities which may come in the time of his journey or while he is studying? As parents, such worries about your child’s well being are obvious. To put an end to all such stress, you must at the outset consider icici lombard student insruance to cover you child during the tenure of studies overseas.

You and your insurance:

Many a students have a desire to go foreign for pursuing their higher studies these days. They know the benefits of this as they get more global exposure. Acquiring education overseas has several advantages like better jobs, better qualification and enhanced career prospects. There may be some problems which may create difficulties and protect himself from various difficulties that he might come across in such an unfamiliar country. Most Importantly you must protect yourself from mishaps and several health diseases which can arise anytime, without prior notice. The icici lombard student insurance has a comprehensive design and offers extensive coverage. This ensures that both parents and students are relieved of all worries. Exigencies like health problems, passport loss or baggage loss during travelling are covered by this insurance policy. As student insurance is mandatory by all foreign universities, you can also customise your insurance cover according to that prescribed by the university. In doing so, your icici lombard student insurance gets recognised as an equivalent to a local policy. You are then spared the hassle of acquiring a student insurance policy in the destination and can also pocket savings as the payment is made in Indian Rupees.

What are the benefits of icici Lombard student insurance?

Arrangement for schedules, give expert medical information over telephone, medical facilities provider reference, so that your child’s transition in a foreign country is smooth and stress-free. .

Icici lombard makes arrangement for hospital admission at the earliest and 24 hour care and medical condition during hospitalisation is provided by the insurance policy. Aid is also provided for stress-free and quick preparation for medical emigration or evacuation. Your insurance policy also comes to your aid if you lose your personal belongings or your passport. With such a student medical insurance in place, you can get a duplicate or an equivalent document in case of passport loss and avoid legal hassles in a foreign country.



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