Insurance Experts believe Student medical insurance has made study in abroad a viable option for students.

  • May 2, 2014

This year, students in India have a reason to be happy about getting admission in reputed universities abroad. The recent report by India Infoline News has announced a new plan by reputed company ICICI Lombard referred to as the Plus Plan” stated Insurance Experts, a network of finance bloggers specialising in providing updates on insurance products. It is said that this plan is equipped with unique features such as maternity care, inter-collegiate sports injury and cancer. These features, according to the company sources will help student ensure a smooth study and travel abroad. This student health insurance plan has been recently released and made available to public.


Students in India would see this plan as an important yet cost-effective step by insurance companies to ensure coverage. These students and their parents would benefit from the facility provided by Plus Plan which allows them to customise it as per the foreign (chosen) University requirements. Moreover, the insurance company has listed over 500 universities on its website. The major emphasis is given on insurance needs of students specific to each University.

A medical insurance plan for students that covers a variety of features and can be customized according to university requirements makes it more competitive. The plan is attracting students due to its reduced costs and user friendly features.

The insurance plan will allow international students to enjoy concrete benefit to being an international student and accessing public health-care system without any concerns. The customization feature will help students with families benefit the most. Students will appreciate that this latest plan has been introduced by the company and ensures premium health care.

To provide enhanced insurance service for students, ICICI Lombard has collaborated with United Health Care, the largest Health carrier in the US. Now the students can avail cashless treatment during medical emergencies by paying direct visit a United Health Care hospital. The company allows prospective buyers to use india insurance online service for hassle free, quick insurance purchase.



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