No Travel Insurance – Horror Tales that will Help You Understand the Importance of Buying One

  • February 8, 2018

It is not unnatural to meet medical expenses during an overseas holiday. The situation can be easier for those with travel insurance. For others, the beautiful travel plans simply turned into horror tales.

It is important to understand that travelling away from homeland costs enormous. The major expenses involved include hospitalization, medicines, arrangement of travel back home, etc. Hospitalization is the major cost involved. Most returning travellers complain of the cost of medication. This is true because even common travel illnesses overseas can be very expensive.

According to a recent survey conducted by AAMI (The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation), it is revealed that America is the most expensive overseas destination to stay in hospital. For a single night in the intensive care ward for the New York City hospital will cost up to $21,500.

According to administrative staff and experts working at AAMI, the United States is notoriously expensive for medical expenses and it is definitely not the place to get stuck without a travel insurance.

Treatment Expenses Overseas

Listed below are some of the most expensive locations to occupy a hospital bed (this is an estimate and charges may vary with situations, time and year):

1. Hawaii $10,500
2. New York City $16,000-$21,500
3. Canada $10,000
4. Germany $9500-$12,500
5. France $9500-$12,500
6. Vietnam $2000-$2500
7. California $8500
8. Florida $8500
9. Thailand $3000
10. Indonesia $3000

Horror Story 1

Amount of Expenses: $223
Location: India


The un-insured man was walking through the streets of old Delhi when he got hit by a bull and got seriously injured. He was immediately rushed to a nearby medical clinic for treatment for the injury caused by horn of the bull. Further preventative treatment was also given for possible infection. Later on, he recovered fully and continued on with the rest of his journey.

Expenses Borne:

The traveller had to pay for all medical expenses incurred in India, transport expenses in getting to and from the medical clinic.


These expenses could have been avoided if a travel insurance plan was handy.

Horror Story 2

Expenses Made: $45,550
Location: Hong Kong


The non- insured was travelling in Hong Kong with her mother. Both were chilling out in a café. Suddenly the girl fell of her char (she was look back bit couldn’t balance) and fractured her leg and the left sacral area (anterior part). She was immediately taken to a nearby reputed hospital for treatment. Since she was now unfit for further travel as per the planned return travel date, accommodation was needed. The insured also required a medical repatriation to America. A nurse was sent to Hong Kong for assistance in her return.

Expenses Borne:

She and her mother had to take care of medical expenses incurred in Hong Kong. She also had to manage additional accommodation expenses for her mother, nurse repatriation to America, additional airfare cost for mother, ambulance, medical treatment, and taxi fares.



These expenses could have saved if a travel insurance plan was handy.


rror Story 3

Amount of Expenses: $122,000
Location: Indonesia


The un-insured was travelling in Indonesia with her classmate. They were having a good time sitting around the pool. Suddenly, the girl dived into the shallow end and hit her head on the bottom. An ambulance was called immediately. She was taken to hospital. The girl was diagnosed with a fractured neck and couldn’t move her head. She also lost some sensation in her hands. Her parents were called and they had to travel all the way to Indonesia to be with her. A surgery was immediately required for neck.

Thereafter, she was moved to Australia by air ambulance.

Expenses Borne: The parents had to bear all medical expenses, including surgery that was done in Indonesia. Additional expenses were incurred for accommodation and travel expenses for her parents to travel to her. Other expenses included cancellation expenses of original travel itinerary, medical repatriation by air ambulance to Australia, out of pocket expenses for medical treatment, and pharmacy costs.


These expenses could have been avoided if a travel insurance plan was handy.



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