Things You Should Do Immediately after an Accident

  • November 28, 2017

When involved in an accident, it’s quite tough to know what you require doing next. It is possible that you may have got some serious injuries which usually make the scene blur to an aftershock.
Here’s a list of some important things you must do after an accident for your security and protection:


It is very important to stay at the scene. This will help you get adequate driver’s info. You must stay until it is appropriate to leave. Leaving early in the event someone else involved was killed or injured will make you face serious criminal charges. You may even be branded as the “hit-and-run” driver.

Other Passengers and Drivers Involved

Look over the cars involved. This will let you make sure everyone is okay. Also seek immediate medical attention for anyone who requires it. In case, someone is unconscious or in pain, avoid moving them. Let a qualified EMT arrive first.

Call the Police

In case, the accident is substantial in damage to the vehicles, any physical injuries, or has been fatal to those involved, you need to call the police without wasting time. Make sure a police report is filed in incidents where officers are present.

Exchange Info

Exchanging details with others involved in the accident will help. So exchange info such as driver’s license, numbers, addresses, names, and license plate numbers. Also exchange basic insurance info, passengers’ names and numbers. Be polite but do not apologize for anything at the scene. When you do so, you are actually admitting legal liability for whatever has happened.

Photographic Evidence

Click some quick pictures of any damage to your vehicle post-accident. Photographic evidence is very important in helping your insurance adjuster determine your compensation amount.

Talk to Witnesses

In case, you are not seriously hurt and do not require immediate trip to the hospital, it is important to talk to people nearby who witnessed the accident. Make sure you get their details such as phone number, names, and addresses. You may even ask if they had witnessed similar accidents near the area. This will help you know about a liability that caused the accident.

Hire an Attorney

If anyone was injured in the accident, it’s always a smart move to consult an experienced car accident attorney, as they can help you maximize your recovery if you were injured or defend you if you were at fault. If you or a loved one has been in an accident, contact us today for a free consultation.

Contact with the Insurance Company

You must inform your insurance company after the accident. However, make sure you do this in the presence of your attorney. It is crucial to be very honest about the incident, injuries you had sustained, and the severity of injuries sustained to others. Any lies and stories if detected by the insurance company will lead to serious repercussions.

Medical Recovery Record

It is crucial to maintain a track of visits to doctors, chiropractors, or other medical professionals for recovery from injuries during the accident. Do not forget to keep notes of medical providers who refer you to the professionals. All records for treatment procedures and medications should be retained. Also make request for copies of medical bills and reports. It also helps to keep notes on how the injuries
affected your daily life, work, and family.

Be Cautious while Discussing Accident

It is not advisable to talk to anyone about the accident. The only people you would discuss this with are your lawyer and police. Strictly avoid discussing this with a representative of another insurance company. In case, you have to, make sure the insurer or attorney is with you. When contacted by the insurance company of another individual who is involved in the accident, don’t be rude. Be as polite as you can and request them to call your attorney or insurer for arranging an interview. Also let your
insurer or lawyer know about the call.

Assess Settlement Offers Thoroughly

Make sure you go through settlement offers thoroughly prior to actually taking them. When offered a settlement from insurance company, the first step is to confirm whether or not all of your physical injuries have been treated. You must also consult an attorney prior to signing off settlement papers.



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