Travel Insurance for Senior Citizens – The Significance

  • April 9, 2014

Travelling abroad prospects are not restricted to only youngsters and the middle-aged. Most people put off their plans to visit foreign countries after retirement. They either want to roam about the entire world, know different cultures, and give a new direction to life. This is because they have little or no obligation towards their routine. Now after retirement, they have ample time to pursue their dreams and aspirations. Many also wish to travel abroad to meet their children or other requirements.

Travel Insurance

Amidst all of the desires and aspirations, one thing that often sidelined is the security prospect of a tour. Here, one shouldn’t ignore the importance of having a travel insurance plan handy. Considering the fact that senior citizens are more prone to health related risks, it becomes extremely important to decide on an appropriate travel insurance plan prior to abroad visits.

How a Travel Insurance Plan Help?

Let’s assume that Mr. Bhatt, a middle-aged software professional and Mr. Syed, a man of 65 years of age travel to Paris. Mr. Bhatt falls sick on the tour. On the other hand, Mr. Syed faces a road accident in Paris. Now it is apparent that the medical expenses incurred by Mr. Syed are more as compared to that of Mr. Bhatt. This is owing to the vast differences in age.

The Pre-existing Clause

It is important to understand that a man over the age of 65 years would certainly have at least some pre-existing health conditions. These conditions are enough to make the condition of the individual weaker as compared to their younger counterpart. Here, it is not necessary that all senior citizens have pre-existing conditions but the likelihood is definitely higher. Consequently the significance for a senior citizen to invest in a travel insurance plan while travelling abroad is more critical.

The Covers Offered

The nature of travel insurance plans designed for senior citizens makes it a crucial financial and protection tool. Here’s what the plan covers:

  • Sickness

  • Death

  • Loss of luggage

  • Loss of cash

  • Accidents

  • Theft

  • Loss of important documents

In a Nutshell

To sum up, investing in a travel insurance plan is a must for all senior citizens. Also, this shouldn’t be inferred that it is less important for youngsters or middle aged individuals. Travellers of all age would be able to cope with all kind of eventualities that may be encountered with on their trips overseas, only if they cover themselves with a good travel insurance policy from reliable company. Hence, the thumb rule to be followed prior to making an overseas journey is to invest in an effective travel insurance plan. This will make your travel a hassle free and pleasant affair.



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